quote of they year.

you are powerful

you are mighty

you are mine to love and to hate

and i chose you to love me.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You are

So this is a poem i wrote to just keep me going and something i thought was cool. I  had absolutely no inspiration for this. It just something that popped out of my head cool right. lol so here it is.

you are:

you are the light of my life. 
the place in my heart. you are 
the one person that i trust the most.
where you came from is weird.
to live with you would be fun,
Because you are the blossom in the daylight,
the Rose that never dies.
the love poem in everybody's heart.
you are the light of the sun.
the darkness of the sky. 
when you came everyone praised,
when you left hearts were lost.
souls of goodness left. 
evil that was less became more,
light was gone to more darkness.
evil took power.
We praise yo in our minds not our actions.
you are the one who can save us.
the person that can change the world, 
lives that have been taken,
just because you are the one perfect non-evil person
in this world,
for Generations to come! 
So come let us rejoice to your presence. 
love your soul
you love never ever ends. 



  1. I love it that you are writing, and that you use the beautiful creation from God to form your thoughts. I like the line: You are the light of the sun. I feel like you have so much to share with others! You are like Jesus' light, sharing his love to others! Keep it up! I tell you, I cannot wait to read more!!! :o)

  2. That is wonderful Kaneda. I love writing poetry too. I started writing poems in 4th grade and I never stopped! It is a great way to describe beauty, love, nature, feelings, God... just about anything you are thinking about or going through. I think God has used poetry in my life to get me through some very tough times and to make sense of things. I can't wait to read more of your poetry!
    Jen HJ

  3. I stopped by to see if you had posted any more of your beautiful poetry. Can't wait to read the next one! : ) See you Sunday!