quote of they year.

you are powerful

you are mighty

you are mine to love and to hate

and i chose you to love me.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

they once thought

they see the light above.
they once thought,
they hear the voice,
they once thought,
he hears their crys,
they once thought,
he was the only one there.
they once thought....
they have relized that what they once thought was wrong.
they were brainwashed by his beauty of giving them what they wanted.
but they who once thought that they would never be fixed......

.....and they were wrong....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the once destination!

~The Once Destination~


The garden to the world unknown, the world

is like any other world.

A world so divined and radiant, a world of true color.

You see, my child no life is better, no life

is greater than what you see now.

Where you go is better here than there.

Flowers of love are there as you near it,

Vines of temptation are there as you roam,

You see the beautiful things there,

To the garden you must go and find the way

They say. Where do thee find such ways to break free

From this grasp of thee life you have chosen.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

gods people

well never knew i would put up a post that i just made up but here it goes!

well hello we are the starting day
the night of all days
where did it go
we are lost in thoughts of indifference
we wonder what other people might thin or say
but why would it matter we are here
look into the eyes of one child
well what do you see?
or love?
who knows!
but one thing is to be sure of is the light that once shined
as we all do and did
why does it gotta be now?
why did it have to be later?
well who knows its just the right time
ya maybe but you never know till you see the eyes of wonder!
the eyes that will one day be filled with love.
Gods love maybe.
or just the love of another.
but when its time to go..
....you gotta let go.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You are

So this is a poem i wrote to just keep me going and something i thought was cool. I  had absolutely no inspiration for this. It just something that popped out of my head cool right. lol so here it is.

you are:

you are the light of my life. 
the place in my heart. you are 
the one person that i trust the most.
where you came from is weird.
to live with you would be fun,
Because you are the blossom in the daylight,
the Rose that never dies.
the love poem in everybody's heart.
you are the light of the sun.
the darkness of the sky. 
when you came everyone praised,
when you left hearts were lost.
souls of goodness left. 
evil that was less became more,
light was gone to more darkness.
evil took power.
We praise yo in our minds not our actions.
you are the one who can save us.
the person that can change the world, 
lives that have been taken,
just because you are the one perfect non-evil person
in this world,
for Generations to come! 
So come let us rejoice to your presence. 
love your soul
you love never ever ends. 


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


About me

hey im Kaneda, im here to tell yo just about my days and how life is in my eyes. i really dont know what to say. Im from idaho. and happy to live here but hope to do more. i like to read! YAY TWILIGHT!!!!! team jacob or edward just depends on the person. i dont know i like to listen to music. i have a facebook, myspace, and gmail i like them all. ummm well thats all im gonna say sides that im a christian and happy to be where im at.